About Me

I live in South Jordan, Utah, where I love to hike, climb, snowboard, canyoneer, backpack, kayak, and just about anything else you can do with four limbs. When I'm not out adventuring, I enjoy using my mind to create new things – sometimes that means making or writing music, and often that means software development.

I studied Computer Science in school, and I've been working in software development since April of 2008 – learning programming on the job a few months before I took my first CS class. I guess 12 years almost makes me a dinosaur in the software world, but I have never stopped or lost the passion for learning new things every day.

Most of the work that I do is web development in various forms. I enjoy coming up with innovative and unique projects where I can apply my entire unique skillset to solving a problem that hasn't been solve before.

On January 3, 2022, I saw a Facebook post by a friend where she showed a craft she had discovered called book folding. It's a form of art made by cutting and/or folding the edges of a book to produce designs. She mentioned that she purchased patterns to make them, and I immediately became curious about the software used to the create the patterns. I suspected that there might be room for improvement, and thanks to my work creating software for laser designs, I might have just the right skill set to create a better book folding software.

I did some quick internet searches and confirmed my suspicions: it seemed that all the current software was dated, clunky, and expensive. In a few hours I had written an algorithm to turn images into folding patterns, and created a very simple prototype. I decided it was worth putting some time into, and six weeks later, announced publicly the availability of Wunderfold as beta software. In a other couple of weeks I took my first paying customers, and since then have grown Wunderfold into a successful side business, with over 700 members in the Facebook group, and hundreds of subscribers so far.

Since 2021 I have been involved in the laser cutting engraving business in various ways, though my focus is on creating tools and resources to help support other laser small business owners. You can learn more about that area of work at Wasatch Lasercraft.

In 2019 I create a programming class for kids that I developed both the curriculum and the learning platform for. The first version was taught in person, and the second version was going to be fully online and self-paced, but has been placed on the backburner for other projects. You can check out the original course at code.mortensoncreative.com, though currently you need a registration code from me to use it.