About Me

I live in South Jordan, Utah, where I love to hike, climb, canyoneer, backpack, kayak, and just about anything else you can do with four limbs. When I'm not out adventuring, I enjoy using my mind to create new things – sometimes that means making or writing music, and often that means software development.

I studied Computer Science in school, and I've been working in software development since April of 2008 – learning programming on the job a few months before I took my first CS class. I guess 12 years almost makes me a dinosaur in the software world, but I have never stopped or lost the passion for learning new things every day.

Most of the work that I do is web development in various forms. I've been working on some projects of my own since the summer of 2019 – namely, a programming class for kids that I developed both the curriculum and the learning platform for. The first version was taught in person, and the second version, which will be fully online and self-paced, is under development right now.

You can check out the original course at code.mortensoncreative.com, though currently you need a registration code from me to use it. Contact me (see below) if you are interested in checking it out, or taking the online course when it launches.

Hire Me

While I'm keeping myself busy with my own projects, I am cautiously and selectively open to taking on other projects. If you'd like to talk to me about a project you'd like me to work on, drop me a line.